Fiat Vintage And Panda 4X4 Participate In The Game 'The Sims 2'

Fiat Panda 4x4

Fiat Panda

The Paris Motor Show, from September 23 to October 5, is the setting chosen by Fiat and Electronic arts (EA), the world’s leading video games producer, to introduce an original partnership to the general public. A plasma maxi-screen will show a running demo of ‘The Sims 2’, the sequel to the world’s best selling game, with over 40 million copies sold of the first version, which is now being marketed in Italy. The real news being presented for the first time ever at the French Show, however, is that the virtual individuals - or ‘sims’ - in the game will be wearing and using garments and accessories with the ‘Fiat Vintage’ label: the ‘Gilli Fiat Cube’ sweatshirt and bag, both available in blue and white.

The agreement between the two companies specifies that, starting from October, players of ‘The Sims 2’ will be able to download a patch for the bag and sweatshirt and, later, for the Fiat Panda 4x4 from the official Fiat and EA site. Furthermore, during the next Open Doors initiative for the Fiat Panda 4x4, visitors will be able to play the Fiat version of ‘The Sims 2’ in a number of dealerships in Italy.

With even more interesting features than the original version launched in 2000, the second incarnation of this videogame reproduces a completely convincing virtual life, interweaving aspects such as work, romance, friendship and family. ‘The Sims 2’ is a faithful simulation of the growth of a human being and everyday existence, with all the unexpected twists and turns that life has in store. And now, accompanying the player-character through the game is the Panda 4x4, capable of tackling whatever situation it comes across and unstoppable, just like the advertising slogan says - ‘Don’t stop me baby’. This new car urges you to get up and drive somewhere in complete freedom, even to destinations that would be difficult to reach in a conventional car. All of this ability, however, is available without detracting from the driving pleasure threading the car through narrow city centre streets. In short, this is the ideal car for someone who demands agility and style together with off-road capability.

Indeed, the Panda 4x4 is equally at ease as a true off-road vehicle as in the role of a fun city car, effortlessly tackling the daily slalom through urban traffic. A car with a dual personality, which exudes joie de vivre and fun, together with solidity and robustness. The whole package is distinguished by a touch of sophistication and elegance, making it a fashion car. Just like the exclusive ‘Fiat Vintage’ range of garments and accessories, which has achieved considerable success over the past few months.

This relationship with Electronic Arts is part of a larger plan of action, which sees Fiat involved in art, sport, fashion, and, as from today, in entertainment. In actual fact, the agreement between these two companies is an expression of a shared philosophy with regard to the client: to offer opportunities for a better life, with the same light-hearted enthusiasm that defines Electronic Arts games, achieved through original and attractive styling, advanced technology made accessible to everyone and intelligent solutions to simplify and improve life on board. These values written in the DNA of the Fiat brand, and which the Panda 4x4 expresses together with a strong personality and desire for fun and energy.

Published 18 September 2004 Melanie Carter

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