The Ferrari 575M Maranello | Part Four

The Ferrari 575M Maranello

Ferrari 575

Manual or F1-style Transmission

For the 575M, the transmission was completely reviewed and the gearbox now features new multi-cone synchronisers to guarantee quicker gearshifts during more assertive driving. As an alternative to manual shifting, the new 575M Maranello can be ordered with the F1 electro-hydraulically actuated transmission developed directly from the marque’s experience on the Formula 1 tracks.

The F1 gearchange is an electro-hydraulic system controlled by two paddles on the steering wheel instead of the traditional gear lever and clutch pedal. The F1 system offers the following improvements over the traditional system:

  • Shifting up and down through the gears is faster than with a traditional gearbox and the accelerator can also be fully depressed during shifts
  • Drivers can select gears without taking their hands off the steering wheel
  • More comfortable control (no clutch pedal)
  • Protects against over-revving when going up and down gears

The F1 gearchange is about much more than just improved performance. It is also part of an integrated driver control strategy on the car, working in conjunction with the adaptive damping management and traction control, giving the driver the opportunity to select different performance parameters, for either a sportier or more comfortable ride, at the touch of a button.

A choice of two different shift modes – Sport or Regular – is offered, selected by using a button on the centre console, and these are both integrated with corresponding suspension damping and electronic traction control settings.

The use of the F1-style gearchange in the 575M Maranello means faster shift times during high performance driving (for example, up and down the gears at over 6,000 rpm). As a result, the F1 transmission also delivers better acceleration than the manual. In order to optimise acceleration when moving off quickly from a standstill, the 575M Maranello’s F1 gearchange has also been given a "launch control" mode – further emulating its Formula 1 racing sister cars.

Two further options are available – Automatic (for fully automatic gear shifting), and Low Grip (to avoid wheel spin when starting off or changing gears on low grip surfaces, such as snow and ice).

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Published 22 May 2004 Melanie Carter

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