The New Citroen C5: More Than Just A Facelift | Part Three

Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Helping to avoid those annoying bumps and scrapes that can easily occur in everyday life, the New Look C5 now adds front parking sensors - another feature that is still unusual in the class - to the availability of rear parking sensors.

The system is activated when the car is in first or reverse gear, and travelling below 6mph. Sensors in the front and rear bumpers detect any obstacles and the system emits a series of beeps that become more frequent as the car approaches them.

A multifunction screen allows the driver to view each manoeuvre, displaying a silhouette of the vehicle with blocks representing the distance and location of any obstacles. As an added advantage, the system is linked to the car’s loudspeakers - the warning bleep being emitted from the speaker that corresponds to the position of the obstacle.

Laminated Acoustic Side Windows

Providing extra protection against break-ins, minimising noise intrusion and even helping reduce injuries in accidents, the availability of laminated side windows is an important addition to the New Look C5 range.

Consisting of a layer of plastic sandwiched between two sheets of glass, laminated glass is a valuable deterrent to thieves and vandals - models on which it is fitted have received a five star security rating from Thatcham - while owners also benefit from its soundproofing properties, which make the C5 cabin a more peaceful and relaxed place.

Speed Limiter

All New Look C5 VTR and Exclusive models feature a speed limiter, generally only available on more expensive cars, which promotes safer driving while helping drivers to avoid unintentionally exceeding speed limits and picking up unnecessary penalty points.

Operated via a stalk located on the steering column, the speed limiter allows drivers to set a maximum speed they do not want to exceed. In the event that the driver wishes to exceed the set speed, in an emergency for example, a simple kick down on the accelerator overrides the setting. The speed limiter is combined with the cruise control, which is set in the same way, enabling the driver to effortlessly stick to a desired speed.

Hydractive 3 Suspension

The New Look C5 continues to be a reference for ride quality in its class. Thanks to the latest generation Hydractive 3 suspension system, combined with the fitment of new suspension and subframe mountings, smoothness and comfort are further improved.

Continuously adapting to journey conditions, at motorway speeds the suspension will automatically adopt a lower, front down stance to improve aerodynamics, stability and fuel economy. On poorer, bumpier surfaces, the suspension height is raised to give greater ground clearance without compromising handling or comfort, while carrying heavy loads is also simplified thanks to Hydractive 3’s self-levelling function.

On certain models, which are able to almost imperceptibly switch from a comfort mode for more serene motorists to a more dynamic mode for press-on drivers, a ‘sport’ button allows the driver to specifically select a ‘sportier’ style of driving.

Published 9 October 2004 Melanie Carter

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