Travelling Without Moving: Standstill Time In Rush Hour Increases By 10.9%

Britain’s Inner-City motorists are stationary for up to half of their morning rush hour journey – an increase of 10.9% in the past two years - according to new research by Citroen.

The Company commissioned the study to highlight the environmental and financial benefits of its “Stop & Start” technology. Currently available on the Citroen C2 and C3 superminis, the intelligent system maximises economy and minimises CO2 emissions by turning off the car’s engine when stationary. Independent testing has shown a Stop & Start vehicle can return a 27% fuel saving in urban driving conditions.

Following an original study in 2006, Citroen’s research assessed traffic congestion in five major city centres – London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Norwich and Manchester during the rush hour. The snapshot showed commuters to be stationary for 25 minutes – 42% of the time – in an average one hour journey in which they travelled just 12.9 miles.

Perhaps surprisingly, London motorists covered almost twice as many miles as they did in 2006 – 13.2 compared to 6.8 - yet were stationary for around 5 minutes longer. Cardiff motorists experienced the least change, covering the biggest distance of all the cities assessed, which may compensate for the fact that they endured the longest time stationary.

2006 2008
City Time Stationary Miles Covered Time Stationary Miles Covered
London 19m 20s 6.8 24m 06s 13.2
Norwich 20m 32s 15.7 21m 20s 10.0
Manchester 21m 00s 16.2 25m 02s 10.9
Birmingham 21m 44s 14.8 23m 55s 14.2
Cardiff 30m 13s 15.7 30m 46s 16.3
AVERAGE 22m 34s 13.8 25m 02s 12.9

*Journeys were carried out between 0750 and 0850 hrs on weekdays between 16th & 21st July 2008.

Published 4 August 2008 Melanie Carter

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