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The New Car Price Guide lists on the road car prices of every major New Car in the UK. Updated on 15/06/2018, this page covers the price range 25,000 to 34,999. You may step through the guide page by page or use the menu on the right to click through to the models and ranges of your choice. Within our Car Buyers Guides we list the full specifications of every car featured in the price guide, including option costs, etc.

Cars Priced between 25,000 and 34,999

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() Price
- Super Unleaded Petrol
- Unleaded Petrol
- Diesel
- BiFuel
- Hybrid
- Electric

We make every effort to ensure that the car prices and data we hold is correct and up-to-date, but inaccuracies do occur and car prices, specifications can change. If in doubt, we recommend that before making a purchasing decision you check with your local car dealer. The car photographs may feature cars of a different specification or body style to the car reviewed or featured.