60 Years Of Bristol Cars

Bristol Blenheim 3

Bristol Blenheim

We are celebrating our first 60 years of producing luxury performance cars, and we are happy to note that the last five years have been some of the most exciting in our history.

In that time we have gone from making one body style to three. To our legendary existing engines we have added a new 5.7 litre high tech V8 and an 8 litre V10. In addition to our peerlessly smooth 4 speed automatic gearbox we can now offer a sporting 5 speed automatic and 6 speed manual. In line with our proud aeronautical roots we now produce the most aerodynamic and aerodynamically sophisticated car ever sold. As a result it is arguably the fastest car anywhere in the world. These are exciting times for the company and its customers and there is more to come.

Bristol Cars was formed immediately after the Second World War as the Car Division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company and we delivered our first production cars in 1946. Indeed quite a number of our staff have enjoyed continuous employment since the company’s inception providing superior depth of cumulative knowledge and expertise. We are proud that the company remains in British ownership and still hand builds cars of the highest quality and performance for a discerning clientele.

There are many reasons for our ongoing success. We build uniquely characterful and charismatic cars that use precise engineering solutions to make the driving and ownership experience something to savour. We know our customers individually and hand tailor cars to their needs. As a result we enjoy extraordinary customer loyalty. We provide full parts and service support for all classic Bristol cars regardless of age and buyers of used Bristols are treated in the same manner as those commissioning new cars.

As for the future, the powerful yet understated Bristol Blenheim 3 four seater saloon is selling better than ever thanks to a comprehensive suite of revisions.

A limited edition of the 2 seater Blenheim Speedster with a new 5.7 litre Hemi V8 engine and five speed automatic gearbox to enhance the already vivid performance is available to special order. This year also sees the first deliveries of an enhanced range of 2 seater supercars. These even higher performance variants showcase Bristol’s unrivalled aerodynamic capabilities by achieving a drag factor of 0.2555, the lowest of any production car yet built. Thanks to buoyant sales we have had to defer the start of export production to satisfy the demand in right hand drive markets.

Much has been said in recent years about the demise of the British motor industry. By satisfying the needs and desires of discerning drivers we continue to go from strength to strength. We offer a range of desirable models that, thanks to the best of British engineering, design, and craftsmanship, are bought in preference to anything else in the world.

Our 2006 Models are:

Bristol Blenheim 3
  • The world’s most exclusive luxury sports saloon
  • Effortless high performance from torquey normally aspirated 5.9 litre V8 engine (410 lb/ft at 3500 rpm)
  • Economical and silent - high speed cruising (2450 rpm at 100 mph)
  • Light weight (1728 kg) aluminium bodywork
  • Room for four six foot persons and their luggage
  • Built by hand up to a high standard rather than down to a price
Bristol Blenheim Speedster
  • Dramatic and beautiful styling inspired by a 1950’s Bristol prototype
  • Dramatic too, is the performance from new 5.7 litre, 370 bhp, HEMI V8 and five speed automatic gearbox
  • Luxurious, comfortable and roomy with large luggage boot
  • Peerless hand built aluminium coachwork construction
  • The perfect synthesis of classic style and contemporary function
Bristol Fighter
  • Possibly the fastest practical supercar (up to 240 mph by ‘S’ model) in standard trim
  • The most compact supercar (4420 x 1796 mm) (14 ft 6 ins x 5 ft 10 ins)
  • The most roomy supercar accommodates two persons up to 6 ft 7 ins tall and three sets of golf clubs
  • The most useable supercar - 450 mile range, 6 inches ground clearance
  • Tight turning circle
  • Perfect all round visibility
  • The most aerodynamic car - 0.255 cd
Published 7 March 2006 Melanie Carter

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