The New 6 Series Coupe | Part Five (2003)

The New 6 Series Coupe


In town Active Steering is particularly convenient in parking manoeuvres, the wheels turning from one lock to the other with less than two turns of the steering wheel. At high speeds, on the other hand, the more indirect transmission ratio ensures superior, smooth and relaxed motoring of the highest standard.

Active Steering also incorporates yaw rate control and is networked with the DSC system, thus allowing the driver to intervene quickly and efficiently for extra stability on the road by slightly correcting the steering angle of the front wheels. This, in turn, reduces any noticeable intervention of DSC in the low response range, Active Steering and DSC forming a prefect team in the process.

Most advanced control systems assisting the excellent chassis and suspension

Equipped with BMW's most advanced and sophisticated chassis control systems, the new BMW coupé offers the driver all of BMW's major chassis assistance functions, improving the truly outstanding chassis and suspension of the 645Ci to an even higher standard. The first example is DSC Dynamic Stability Control interacting with ABS anti-lock brakes and CBC Cornering Brake Control slowing down individual wheels as required on slippery surfaces in order to prevent the car from swerving out of control. Then there is the 'intelligent' Dynamic Drive chassis control system almost completely eliminating any sway or roll of the body even in fast bends.

Consistent lightweight technology for an even higher standard of dynamic performance Lightweight technology and engineering applied consistently in BMW's large coupé makes a significant contribution to the car's excellent driving comfort combined with thrilling dynamism. Particular highlights of this lightweight technology are the innovative aluminium/steel structure of the car's body, the Weight-Reduced Aluminium Front (WRAF) much lighter than steel, the rear lid made of SMC sheet moulding compound composite glass fibre, the side panels made of thermoplastics at the front, as well as the front lid and doors made of aluminium, together with a wide range of other detailed improvements serving to reduce weight, all of which make the new BMW 645Ci a very light car for a vehicle of this size and calibre, weighing in at just 1,615 kg or 3,560 lb, with axle load distribution of almost 50:50 typical of BMW. This gives the all-aluminium suspension of BMW's large coupé an excellent starting point for driving characteristics and qualities far superior to the general standard even in this class, particularly when it comes to the car's precise steering response.

Adaptive Headlights for even greater safety

Adaptive Headlights available as an option significantly improve the very good bi-xenon headlights featured as standard on the 645Ci from the start. Swivelling as required, these headlights follow the course of the road and therefore illuminate both the road ahead and the surroundings up to 90 per cent clearer and more brightly than conventional headlights. To provide this function, the control unit for the high and low beams is fed with an ongoing stream of data on the car's steering angle, yaw rate and road speed through the on-board network, an electric motor serving to swivel the bi-xenon headlight modules in either direction - that is to the left or to the right - as the car proceeds. In practice, this ensures a far higher standard of safety when driving down winding country roads at night.

Head-Up Display giving the driver the most important information directly in his line of vision

BMW's innovative Head-Up Display projects important information relevant to the driver directly into his line of vision while on the road. Inter alia, this includes the current speed of the car, navigation instructions, speed limit data, and information from the Check/Control. The virtual picture generated in this way appears in front of the driver on the road ahead, ensuring even safer motoring free of fatigue, also because the driver is no longer required to take his eyes off the road at any time.

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Published 25 October 2003 Melanie Carter

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