The New BMW 5 Series Touring | Part Nine (2004)

Head-Up Display: Keeping a constant eye on driving information and traffic conditions

Available as an option, the Head-Up Display offers similar advantages, allowing the driver to consistently focus on the most important driving and traffic conditions at the same time. A virtual image projected on to the windscreen by HUD seemingly “hovers” above the front end of the engine compartment lid at exactly the right point in the driver’s line of vision. And this picture is just as clear in bright sunshine as it is on a dark night, since light intensity adjusts automatically to ambient conditions.

Apart from your road speed, the Head-Up Display is able to present navigation instructions, Check/Control data as well as the settings either on conventional cruise control or Active Cruise Control. The advantage is that the driver is no longer required to take his eyes off the road in order to read this information – and this means a significant increase in motoring safety. Even the process of adapting one’s eyes to long and short distances – and then back again – is no longer necessary, again adding to your driving pleasure and reducing any risk of fatigue.

Adaptive Headlights and the Brake Force Display: Safe illumination showing you the way

Extra comfort plus extra safety – these are the features offered by the optional Adaptive Headlights with the headlight units exactly following the course of the road ahead and thus ensuring that the driver is no longer obliged to steer his car into a kind of “black hole”. For the swivelling bi-xenon headlights direct the light in exactly the right direction where it belongs – on the road, almost doubling your range of visibility depending on the curvature of the road ahead and the radius of the bend you’re currently taking. This means clearer visibility in upcoming bends and earlier recognition of any obstacles possibly looming up ahead. The Adaptive Headlights, therefore, make driving at night not only safer, but also a lot more pleasant and less strenuous.

Ultra-modern light technology at the rear also ensures extra safety: The new BMW 5 Series Touring comes as standard with BMW’s two-stage Brake Force Display now homologated not just in the USA, but also in Europe. This means that additional brake light areas are activated whenever the driver applies the brakes in an emergency or when the anti-lock brake system cuts in, the two-stage brake lights thus enabling drivers following from behind to respond appropriately in each situation, immediately recognising application of the brakes and finding it easier to avoid a front-to-rear collision.

Featuring innovative assistance systems of this calibre, together with Dynamic Drive, Active Steering, the Head-Up Display, intelligent lightweight construction and extra-powerful engines including six-speed transmission, the new BMW 5 Series Touring is not only the most dynamic 5 Series Touring there has ever been, but also the most comfortable and safest model of its kind, combining a thrilling new experience on the road with a new, unprecedented style of motoring in genuine class.

The wide range of optional extras in the 5 Series Touring largely corresponds to the options featured in the 5 Series Saloon.

Published 4 April 2004 Melanie Carter

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