BMW Research Backs Run-Flat Tyre Fitment

Research by the BMW Emergency Service has recently revealed the safety value of Run-flat tyres.

Comparing tyre-related roadside calls throughout 2003 and 2004 from BMW owners with models available with Run-flat tyres to those calls from owners whose BMWs were not available with Run-flat technology, revealed that 12,327 drivers would have been able to continue their journeys rather than brave the risky roadside wait for an emergency vehicle if their car tyres had featured Run-flat technology.

That’s well over 100 drivers every week freed from the frustration of delayed appointments and cancelled arrangements as well as the dangers of wheel-changes on motorway hard shoulders.

Over one million tyre-related incidents are covered by the UK’s major breakdown services each year on UK roads. Add to that the unrecorded numbers of frustrated drivers who have had a puncture and changed the wheel themselves (believed to be considerably higher than the one million figure) and it becomes clear that Run-flat tyre technology is a serious aid to roadside safety and driver convenience.

Conservative advice indicates that a driver can continue for 150 miles at 50mph with a punctured Run-flat tyre. During tyre testing, expert drivers regularly continue driving on a deflated Run-flat tyre for over 600 miles before the tyre eventually fails. Taking this into account it is little wonder that a host of car manufacturers are taking BMW’s lead and introducing Run-flat tyre technology in the coming years.

Published 8 May 2005 Melanie Carter

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