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Bentley Arnage Limousine

Bentley Arnage

  • Twenty Bentley Arnage Limousines to be built following strong customer reaction to Geneva International Salon concept car.
  • Cars to be designed and handbuilt by Bentley Mulliner, the company’s peerless coachbuilding division.
  • Arnage Limousine will be the world’s only truly bespoke limousine, with each customer having access to a personal Bentley Mulliner designer and account manager.
  • Customers can commission a car totally to their requirements. Starting with a ‘blank canvas’, entire bespoke interiors can be specified, meaning every Arnage Limousine is unique.
  • Depending on the level of specification, an Arnage Limousine can take up to 6000 man hours to build.
  • Armour protection can be specified as an integral part of the build process, ensuring engineering integrity and no restrictions on the car’s other options .
  • Arnage Limousine chassis based upon Arnage R with uprated suspension and reinforced subframes. Powered by legendary 6.75-litre V8 Bentley engine developing 400bhp and 616lb ft/835Nm of torque.
  • Limousine wheelbase is a total of 3566mm (140.4 inches) providing vast interior space as well as rear-seat privacy thanks to deeper ‘D’-pillar.
  • Production of the Bentley Arnage Limousine will begin in February 2005.
  • The price of the new Arnage Limousine in the UK will start at £270,000

The decision to begin the limited production run is the result of strong customer demand following the unveiling of the Arnage Limousine in Geneva in March 2004. Those customers recognised in this beautiful Bentley the opportunity to own an authentic, coachbuilt limousine that blends that brilliant craftsmanship with an almost limitless variety of specification.

The Arnage Limousine is a car that could only be produced by the world’s most accomplished luxury carmaker, Bentley Motors, whose coachbuilding division Bentley Mulliner is simply second to none. Unlike other limousine builders, whose customers are forced to choose from a limited list of options and specifications, Bentley Mulliner provides bespoke answers to any question a Bentley customer chooses to ask.

Echoing Bentley’s acclaimed past – when customers would personally commission a coachbuilder such as HJ Mulliner to design and fit a body to a Bentley chassis – the process of ordering and owning an Arnage Limousine will entail the same degree of creativity and attention to detail. It is this unique service which makes an extended wheelbase Arnage the limousine of choice for those looking to create a car unlike any other.

When a customer decides to order an Arnage Limousine they will receive a level of service commensurate with their status as a buyer of the world’s most exclusive limousine and have access to a personal team of account managers and designers. At the start of the process, customers will be offered a ‘blank canvas’ by Bentley Mulliner on which to express a vision of their ideal, bespoke car. Each customer will be able to communicate directly with the factory through their personal account manager, while a Bentley Mulliner designer will visit their home or office during the pre-production phase to assess the prospective design criteria and assist in interpreting their requirements for such a highly specified car.

By starting with this ‘blank canvas’, Arnage Limousine customers will be able to choose between palatial interiors or fully-integrated mobile offices. The scope for personalisation is as wide as the customer’s imagination and whilst the concept is still in the virtual world of computer-aided design, styling sketches and renderings, Bentley Mulliner can be as flexible and creative as that vision demands.

Following delivery, customers will be visited on an annual basis by a factory representative, who will undertake a full inspection of their car. This service is offered for the duration of the Arnage Limousine’s warranty.

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Published 19 December 2004 Melanie Carter

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