Alfa Crosswagon Q4 | Part Two

Alfa Crosswagon Q4

Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon

Inside, the new model also offers an instrument panel of revolutionary design, a compass built into the mirror, special carpets and mats, a stylish new high-tech trim on the facia and a brand new treatment for the central console and steering wheel panels. Options include a top-quality interior with seats, facia and panels trimmed in grosgrain leather. Not to mention the fact that the model offers five true seats that make for an ideal environment on long motorway trips or thrilling short-cuts.

Lastly, the new model also offers a choice of three specifications (Progression, Distinctive and Luxury) and nine body shades of which 4 designed specially for the model by the Arese style centre. All body shades feature a distinctive tone on tone treatment process. But all this is packaging; the truly radical new feature of the Alfa Crosswagon Q4 is its permanent Q4 four wheel drive system with three differentials (the central one is a self-locking Torsen C system) that permanently distributes drive over the front and rear wheels.

This innovative system is designed to offer peak performance in the toughest conditions. The new Alfa Crosswagon Q4 is the natural beneficiary of studies, research and advances in the four wheel drive field that have resulted in a cutting-edge all-terrain vehicle able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Permanent four wheel drive offers peak performance because transverse grip is maximised due to a reduction in the longitudinal engagement of each tyre. The permanent aspect of the system allows an outstanding balance between understeer and oversteer, worthy of a true sports car, able to offer drivers an easy, satisfying drive together with the greatest active safety: understeer is minimised while oversteer is easy to control because it is contained and gradual.

A mountain road, a stony track, a snowy surface or a bend taken in driving rain: all tough situations and ideal places to test the new car's agility and strength to the limit. Customers driving an Alfa Crosswagon Q4 can enjoy a dynamic, sporty drive over conventional road and motorway routes while benefiting from the car's vice-like grip and performance over less conventional routes. With this brief in mind, the engineers and technicians employed at the Arese plant have come up with a car that may be described as an innovative all-rounder. The heart of the design is the Alfa Romeo Q4 four wheel drive system that allows dynamic distribution of traction during acceleration and over-run according to the level of grip on the ground. The Torsen C self-locking differential manages drive torque in the most appropriate way: when accelerating, to avoid excessive understeer, it can direct some 80% of torque to the rear wheels to leave more side grip for the front wheels. Conversely, when oversteering, it can transfer only 40% to ensure improved side grip for the rear wheels.

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Published 18 July 2004 Melanie Carter

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